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What's the Rumpus? - A prohibition era colloquialism meaning "What's going on?" or "What's happening?"

This weekly podcast runs the gamut of topics: from tech news to politics, ridiculous internet memes to car news; quite literally letting its audience know what the rumpus is each week. The original hosts (Adrian Hannah, Ryder Step, and Charles Thomas) spend the week finding things on the Internet that they think are interesting and share their opinions on each topic. Everyone brings his own esoteric interests to the table and everyone leaves the table with an opinion.

The origins of this podcast stem back to the trios college days. They would meet on a fairly regular basis at a local bar in Houghton, MI and spend hours discussing things that were of interest to them. After Charles graduated and moved to New York City, the idea of continuing these conversations in podcast format came to fruition.

THAT's the Rumpus!

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