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In this week’s episode, Adrian and James discuss the takedown of Megaupload and the raid of Kim Dotcom’s “lair”. Anonymous shows what they think of the Megaupload takedown. As if you hadn’t heard enough about SOPA, over 7000 sites participated in an Internet Blackout on Wednesday Jan 18th. The repercussions of Wikipedia’s blackout were felt all across Twitter.

In the back half of the show, the Russian space program discusses a joined moon base with NASA and the ESA. In the past we’ve seen manufacturiing jobs move from the US to Asia, now we’re seeing a trend of R&D jobs moving in the same direction. Google has some detractors in India: this week they vandalize the OpenStreetMap project and have also been linked to the Mocality scandal we discussed last week. New York City takes an innovative approach to college prep: Software Engineering High School. Adrian and James both agree that they would have tried to go there if they were still in high school.

This week, Japan is so crazy! A store selling women’s clothing and accessories has decided to use an interesting ploy to draw in customers… We’ll call it “colorful language.”



Oh Asia, You So Crazy![]

Store in Japan Employs Colorful Language to Advertise Sale

Additional Notes[]

  • Callback to the Mocality story from Episode 82
  • Callback to the Wikipedia vandalism from Episode 20