A new beer cooler prevents unwanted photos. The WtR crew takes a stance on Duckface. Is the TSA on its way out the door? The fate of WebOS is finally decided. Internet censorship? We say no thanks! Siri is Apple’s broken promise to the world. The Rick Perry campaign is apparently not very Internet savvy. Someone may or may not take an arrow to the knee.

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Oh Asia, You So Crazy![edit | edit source]

Japan Demotivational.jpg

Science News[edit | edit source]

You Really Are What You Know

Epic Fail![edit | edit source]

‘Mythbusters’ cannonball hits Dublin home, minivan

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Hey! You got your gay cowboy jacket on my homophobic presidential candidate!

Hey! You got your homophobic presidential candidate jacket on my gay cowboy!

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